Still here…

I’m still here! I’m alive! Alive and reading my stats from the last year. I find it amazing and positively blush-worthy that after all this time, and all my neglect, people still find this blog and read these articles.
I spent a little time, a year I think in my twenties, working at an SEO company and ever sine I get a kick out of webstats and charts of individual impressions and other general web dorkyness. It’s very encouraging to see all the visits and clicks, and from so many countries! Hello Australia and England BTW, I love you too!
I did have to come on and update my “About Me” section as there was the business of removing the heterosexual life partner. Not that I’m no longer heterosexual (far from it!), but I think I’ll just leave my love life a little more on vague side. I’ll just say, gosh darn it, that i am very happy.
I have some articles coming up very soon. I’ve discovered the best way to cook a chicken, the very best apple pie recipe possibly ever in the world, and have a few choice words to say about food budgets and how we are being culturally strong-armed into spending way too much money on food.
So, as nobody says anymore because they have Netflix, stay tuned.


One response to “Still here…

  1. Welcome back! We’ve missed you!

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