Having a really hard time thinking about stuff to write about at the moment. I know that that’s the dumbest thing to write on a blog ever. It’s the blogging equivalent of “Loving the Sunshine!” as a FB status. Just to let you know, I haven’t gone away, I’m just way overfed at the moment.

Reading a really interesting book called The Compass of Pleasure by. David J. Linden. I suppose in a nutshell it’s about why certain things feel so good and why we can get addicted to them. I’m very interested in this as some sort of insight as to why I wake up on a Saturday morning thinking of nothing but what would be the perfect cola flavored cup cake. I’m sure most people think about other things immediately upon waking.
So if I can figure out why I’m so obsessed with food maybe I can eat less of it? The reading continues, so lets see what happens.


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