Astro Boy

I gave it one last stab. I completely changed my Plenty of Fish profile. All different photos, less text, everything. I decided to just put it out there and wait and see. I was going to patient. I was going to not message anyone. If he was out there, through this particular medium, he was going to have to find me.

 After many very impatient days waiting to see what happened, I started looking at the ones who had looked at my profile and not sent me a message. Why, I wondered. Was there something crazy screaming out from my profile, were the pictures awful? That was it, I was just going to have to ask. So I sent a massage to the last guy who had done just that asking him “In your honest opinion, what made you not message me?”

 He sent back a HUGE email. The funny thing was that he was very complimentary. He thought I sounded good. If anything it was the things I was honest about, that he knew everybody else was lying about, that he said were unattractive. Why, exactly, he hadn’t messaged me? I’m still not sure. The truth is that more often than not dating at our age is still pretty similar to Jr. High. It’s a lot of leaning against walls in dances, shooting furtive glances at each other, mortified to make the first move in case we’re shot down. We all need that first move; we need to think that they like us first. How any of us ever gets together is a complete mystery.

 Long story short, I gave this very honest young man my phone number. We talked for two hours on the phone that night. We decided to then give the phone a rest and met for tea that night. Since then we have spent one night apart.

 He’s an animator. He’s from Alberta. The similarities are astounding. He is afraid of needles, eats pie for breakfast, used to rave, used to be a Wiccan…I’m honestly not sure how, after all this, I have me another version of myself. He is incredibly sweet, treats me like gold, and isn’t messing around with the relationship talk. He’s not afraid of commitment, he knows where this is going, and doesn’t mind telling me so. I’m not sure, but I think this is Karma for my heinous Valentines Day. Thank you Universe! I’m not angry at you anymore!

 How do I know that he’s really serious? The modern day equivalent to letting me wear his High School ring or wear his favorite t-shirt to bed;

 He asked me to change my Facebook status to “in a relationship”.

3 responses to “Astro Boy

  1. WOOHOO darling! That’s an awesome story! Can’t wait to hear more details!!

  2. Lol! It is amazing when we see a needle on tv and cringe in unison 😉

  3. LOL! That is sooo cool. Yeah, you either have to be very pretty/handsome, or just have a cool profile. By cool I mean write something interesting. I really feel though that video dating is the best, because people dont look at your appearance, but your personality! David Letterman is ugly, but he has personality, and Oprah aint no hottie either. So moral of story is that personality will win. I am happy for you! I am trying video dating at right now. My profile name on reelspark is Hilgadont. You can see I am being myself and after the initial profile pic you will forget about my appeareance, and start hearing what I say.

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